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Course details for Ultra-Trail® Guaraní - 50k

The 50 kilometers of Ultra-Trail® Guaraní are designed for experienced runners over long distances and slopes. 99% of the route is done off-route.


Race Tips

  • Field: Open path the first 800m, then trail with crossing of Tacuara stream at 1000m. Soft climbs and descents by path, bordering the Tacuara stream until 1800m, then, vehicular road 500 m. Then, 1000 meters of asphalt. At 3k, cross the Tacuara stream again. Variable ascents and descents on a path bordering the Librada stream, in addition, crossing it in several places. Then, gradual ascent on a path bordering Cerro León (340 masl) until you reach PAS Salto Suizo. From PAS Salto Suizo, gradual ascent on a steep path to the summit of Cerro De La Cruz (556 masl), then, ascents and descents vary on footpath to PAS Francisca. Then gradual ascent on footpath until the summit of the Hill Corá (585 msnm), then descending steep on footpath. After the descent, path with some ups and downs to PAS Itá Azul. From here, 7km of vehicular road with some ups and downs to PAS Tororó. From this point, 3 km of vehicular road to the base of Cerro Akatî, then ascent to it. Then 13 km of open road to PAS Mainumby. From here, gradual ascent to Cerro Mainumby then, cross over path to the summit of Cerro 3ra. Fraction. From the summit, gradual descent on footpath, then, 5 km of vehicular road to the finish line.
  • Shoes with good grip, used clothing for the weather: there may be cold + rain, check the forecast for the date.
  • Hydration necessary: ​​600-1000 ml (around) by weight per hour of running.
  • Caloric expenditure: by weight approximately 3,000 - 8,000 kcal for 50K total. 1 energy bar = 200 Kcal. From this distance is important to incorporate food, especially after 45 min of running.
  • Feeding and hydration two hours before the start.
  • Cell phone signal variable but present in a large part of the track.
  • Follow tapes and indications of runners guides (Do not follow the group).
  • If you desert, it is VERY IMPORTANT to notify the staff at the check point at the start or arrival (not the runners guides).


Technical data

  • Terrain: Technical and very technical.
  • Total ascent: 2,520meters.
  • Net gain: 5,040 meters.
  • Start and finish: 190 msnm.
  • Minimum elevation reached: 162 masl.
  • Maximum elevation reached: 635 masl.
  • Average elevation: 342 masl.
  • Maximum slope: 46.8%;-40.8%
  • Average slope: 7.0%; -8.0%
  • Longest climb: 410 m.
  • Longest descent: 550 m.
  • Total distance: 55.6 kilometers.
  • Maximum time to complete the course: 30 hours.


    Accumulated Intermediate
Stage Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Start Park of Melgarejo -
Independencia, Guairá
190 0 0 0 0 0 0
PAS Salto Suizo   237 10.6 228 171 10.6 228 171
PAS Francisca   302 18 714 592 7.3 486 421
PAS Itá Azul   240 26.8 1,244 1,184 8.7 530 592
PAS Tororó   332 32.7 1,412 1,259 5.9 168 75
PAS Mainumby   281 46.2 1,934 1,833 13.4 522 574
Finish Park of Melgarejo -
Independencia, Guairá
190 55.6 2,518 2,517 9.3 584 684


Amazing course as wonderful as hard. Really beautiful landscapes.

Jorge Vera, Facebook (2017)

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