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Payment Methods

Your payment channels available in Paraguay are as follows:

 Tarjeta de crédito  Banco Itaú  Tigo Money (Giros Tigo)
Credit or debit card Itaú Bank Tigo Money (Giros Tigo)
(Secure payment) Checking account GS: 500.215.869 Number: 0982 222.329
Holder: Gustavo Arriola Holder: Gustavo Arriola


Amazing race, as wonderful as it is hard. The really beautiful landscapes!

Jorge Antonio Vera, via Facebook

I want more! ... I will be back. That says it all. Excellent the race.

Cristian Javier Azulay, via Facebook

Excellent race, signaling and hydration stations. Very good organization!

Edgar Peralta, via Facebook

Be part of the adventure!