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What is this program about?

We believe that assistance to the runner is fundamental to the success of the project. We believe that safety is the most important thing. The program consists of providing the full assistance of the corridor in the areas of logistics, accompaniment, security and medical assistance through the action of volunteers. This program will thus contribute to the creation of networks among runners, companions and the community in general, lovers of this type of sports.

Whether you area student, still active or retired, a sporty person or a novice, we need all types of profiles for this event. Your skills will be useful to us, your presence an asset, your support simply essential.

Você conhece a percurso da carreira? Isso é muito melhor! Se você já foi um corredor de aventura, você conhece o Ybyturuzú ou competiu em uma edição anterior do Ultra-Trail® Guaraní, seu conhecimento no campo será de grande ajuda.

We are also looking for volunteers for medical teams and rescue workers:

  • Nurses: (anesthetists, CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergencies, etc.) can join our medical team of volunteer nurses.
  • Doctors: If you are a general practitioner, sports doctor, emergency doctor, anesthetist or mountain rescue doctor, interested in a beautiful geography such as the Ybyturuzú mountain range and wish to live the adventure in a unique setting and environment, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Physiotherapists and podiatrists: Often runners suffer from their own pains to the demands of this type of event, so we need to count on you.
  • Rescuers: Attending sick or troubled runners during the course of the competition is one of the most important missions. If you have a first aid degree and excellent physical condition, your help will be very valuable to us.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to or through our contact form.


  • Staff t-shirt of UTG 2022.
  • Credit for mobile communications for the responsible of the position for the day of the competition.
  • Mobility to the jobs from Villarrica or Melgarejo and from the jobs to Villarrica or Melgarejo once their work is finished.
  • Certificate of participation of the UTG Volunteer Program (you can use it to update your LinkedIn profile).

Fields of action

  • Race registration:
    He welcomes the runners, assists in his doubts, works in everything related to accreditation. He is communicative, proactive, energetic and patient.
  • Medical assistance and rescue
    He has experience in first aid, will be at a fixed point of the route and, eventually, will travel an area no more than 10 kilometers in search of sick or troubled runners during the course of the competition. He has an excellent physical condition, likes outdoor activities and works under any climatic conditions.
  • Drop bag check
    Organize and make sure that the runner's drop bag arrives safely at the total assistance stations. It is organized, patient and proactive.
  • Control of waypoints
    Will spend several hours at a fixed point of the route, assisting the runners, informing about any eventuality and motivating them to continue. Works under any climatic conditions, loves nature, is motivating, patient and with excellent physical condition.
  • Awards
    Attend all the necessary logistics for the award ceremony, including the back stage.
  • Photography
    He likes photography, he is professional or amateur. It will belong to a team of adventure photographers of international renown. He owns his own photography equipment, loves outdoor activities and works under all weather conditions.
  • Start and finish
    Collaborates in the logistics of the start and finish for each distance, assists the runner at that important moment. He is energetic, predisposed, loves outdoor activities and is able to give directions.
  • Social networks and media
    He loves everything related to communication
  • Closer:
    Join the last runner on his route during the competition. He has an excellent physical condition, likes outdoor activities and is prepared to work under any climatic conditions.
  • Zero runner:
    Take the tour (totally or partially) to ensure that the beacons established by the Organization are available before the start of the competition. He has an excellent physical condition, likes outdoor activities and is prepared to work under any weather condition.


Amazing race, as wonderful as it is hard. The really beautiful landscapes!

Jorge Antonio Vera, via Facebook

I want more! ... I will be back. That says it all. Excellent the race.

Cristian Javier Azulay, via Facebook

Excellent race, signaling and hydration stations. Very good organization!

Edgar Peralta, via Facebook

Be part of the adventure!