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Yvyturuzú Hills (in spanish) or Yvyturusu (in guarani) is located in Guairá Department, Paraguay. Today is one of the main conservation areas of Oriental Region, with 24.000 hectares, that belong to Independencia, Fassardi, Ñumí, Mbocayaty and Gral. Eugenio A. Garay cities.

Yvytutuzú is not just a beautiful mountain rage, it also gathers main highest Paraguay's peaks, as Tres Kandu hill, 842 m. (in guarani it means Three hills), Amor Hill and Akati Hill (it means gray head, in guarani). It is a mountain rage with an amazing vegetal resources and fauna diversity, that now is categorized as Ybyturuzú Managed Resources Reserve. In the area there are spring water, bamboo plants, deciduous forests, and more than 10 permanents and intermittents streams, and a beautiful landscape. It has a good flora's diversity which provides suitable habitats for threatened wildlife, besides that preliminary studies from entomological point of view.

From  cultural point of view, in the place there are runic inscriptions and many anthropological elements.


Villarrica del Espiritu Santo, or simply Villarrica, is the capital of the Department of Guairá, located 177 kilometers from Asunción by the International Route N ° 2, it is also one of the most important cities in the country for its history, culture, artistic activity and academic.
Some historians nicknamed it "The walking city" or "traveling city" because it suffered seven changes throughout its existence due to the Paulista Bandeirantes invasions. In 1683 it was finally established where it is currently located, on a hill near the Cordillera del Ybyturuzú, branch of the Cordillera de Caaguazu, 180 meters above sea level.

Some of the tourist attractions of the city are: the Church of Ybaroty, the Cathedral and the Manuel Ortíz Guerrero Park.


Also known as Colonia Independencia, it is a district of the department of Guairá, in Paraguay. It is located to the east of the department on the Cordillera del Ybytyruzú. It is a center of tourist attraction due to the beautiful landscape that surrounds it and the German cultural influence. Independencia is the second most populated district of the department, only after the departmental capital, Villarrica, which is located about 30 kilometers from Melgarejo, the urban center of the district. You can access its tourist attractions from Melgarejo, such as the Cerro Akatî (14.5 km), the Cerro de la Cruz (11.5 km), the Salto Suizo (10 km) and other minor falls that are found in naturally preserved places.

Among its most important parties is Beer Festival or Choppfest in the German Sports Club that attracts people from all over the country including Brazil and Argentina.


Amazing course as wonderful as hard. Really beautiful landscapes.

Jorge Vera, Facebook (2017)

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